Cioccolato peperoncino CIOMOD

Chilli chocolate


Short description: Modica chocolate bar with chilli. A perfect mix, given by the union of the chocolate flavor and the spicy aftertaste, to delight yourself at any time.

Minimum cocoa 50%.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, white cane sugar, ground chilli (0.2%).

Allergens: may contain traces of nuts . Gluten free. It does not contain milk and milk derivatives.

Modica chocolate has very ancient origins and finds its roots in what is defined: "the people of the fifth sun", the Aztecs, who reigned in Central and South America from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century. Among the great and wonderful cultures and traditions of this extraordinary people of ancient Mexico, cocoa played an important role: it was in fact considered nutritious food, economic support, but also a symbol of excellent social position. Also used for its benefits and healing properties, it was also given a mystical meaning and was considered a vehicle for communicating with the deities.

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