Rosmarino siciliano - "Le aromatiche per eccellenza" Azienda agricola Due Palmenti
Rosmarino siciliano - "Le aromatiche per eccellenza" Azienda agricola Due Palmenti
Rosmarino siciliano - "Le aromatiche per eccellenza" Azienda agricola Due Palmenti
Rosmarino siciliano - "Le aromatiche per eccellenza" Azienda agricola Due Palmenti

Sicilian Rosemary - "The aromatic ones par excellence"


Short description: The name derives from the union of two Greek words "rops" which means shrub and "myrinos" which means fragrant. According to some, however, it could come from the Latin, with two alternatives: from "ros marinus", sea dew, or from "rosa maris", pink of the sea because it originally grew spontaneously on the coasts. Ideal spice for flavoring meat and fish dishes, especially if grilled, also widely used to flavor soups, legumes, baked potatoes, focaccia, oils and aromatic vinegars.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place away from sources of light and heat.

Expiry 24 months from packaging.


Very branched and bushy shrub. It has many evergreen leaves, small, narrow, linear in shape and dark green on the upper page and silver on the lower page. The flowers, gathered in axillary clusters, have a blue-violet color. Flowering lasts all year round. The plant can exceed 150 cm in height.

The harvest takes place from spring until July. The twigs are placed to dry in the shade, in warm, dry and well-ventilated rooms or in a drying room in order to keep the aroma unaltered and thus prolong their conservation.

As for the medicinal properties, it is a plant very rich in essential oils such as pinene, conforene and limonene. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, expectorant, antidepressant properties; stimulates the appetite, aids digestion, strengthens the heart muscle and circulation.

Cultivation takes place according to the principles of a sustainable and environmentally friendly form of agriculture through the use of organic fertilizers and the absence of synthetic chemicals. All stages are carried out by hand, from transplanting, to the elimination of weeds, up to harvesting, drying and packaging, thus imparting a strongly territorial connotation to the product itself.

The company is based in the heart of eastern Sicily and precisely in Pedara, a small village located on the slopes of Etna, at a height of about 610 m asl. The surrounding territorial context is rich in history and rural traditions handed down from father to son generation after generation. Green hills, farms, noble villas and terraces surround a landscape that in the eyes of travelers appears to be out of time and space.

Etna in the background asserts itself to be overbearing and majestic but at the same time affectionate and caring mother. The climate found in the Etna area, characterized by mild and moderately rainy winters and hot and sunny summers, combined with a sandy soil, light and rich in microelements, deriving from lava flows whose origin is lost in the mists of time, make this an enchanting place , particularly suited and suitable for hosting a great variety of typical local crops.

Among them, aromatic herbs certainly stand out, which thanks to the pedoclimatic factors described above, are able to release particularly fragrant and intense smells, flavors, tastes and aromas, unique of their kind compared to other places.

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