Freselle Panificio Mercadante



Short description: Freselle are a symbol of a long Campania tradition. Produced from a mix of type 0 flour and 100% Italian wholemeal soft wheat flour. Fragrant and highly digestible to combine with infinite ingredients. Still produced with ancient methods and cooked in a wood oven.

Ingredients: "00" flour, wholemeal flour, salt, natural yeast.


The history of the Mercadante bakery began in 1990 when, at the age of 57, the founder Sabato decided to open a new artisan business. The company has a wood oven and a small mixer as its first machines. The bread is kneaded at night with the help of the children who continue their studies during the day. After ten years, his son Antonio takes over the business and adds to the traditional bread new products treated with the passion transmitted by his father. He thus buys other equipment so that the bakery expands to an area of approximately 300 meters and supplies the best retailers in the area. Today the grandson has also added to the management who strongly wanted to continue this activity by adding another office that, to the already wide range of products, has continuously added new references, in order to always keep the attention of customers high towards their specialties. .

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