BIO accessories kit Harom Caffè

BIO accessories kit


BIO accessories kit for coffee tasting.

  • 150 wooden pallets.
  • 150 sachets of 5gr extra-fine sugar.
  • 150 "biodegradable" paper cups.

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BIO accessories kit for coffee tasting. 

Production of coffee beans, ground coffee, pods and capsules.

Caffè Haròm offers various product lines and a varied range of services for coffee retailers. The blends are packaged in different formats, including grains and ground and pre-dosed systems in capsules and pods. The latter are offered in three different varieties characterized by the specific dosage of Arabica and Robusta: 100% Arabica (Sublime blend), 70% Arabica - 30% Robusta (Delizia blend) and 50% - 50% (Napoli blend). There are also several solutions dedicated to the bar and professional catering sector offered by Caffè Haròm in San Giorgio a Cremano. Products designed to offer a more or less full-bodied espresso with more or less strong bitter background notes. The offer also includes special products flavored with barley and ginseng and decaffeinated coffee also available in single-dose soluble sachets. The company also supplies coffee machines on loan for use for bars and structures that choose to make use of roasting products. The range ranges from pod machines with ESE system, capsule systems and automatic professional machines.

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