Extra jam of percoche peaches

Extra jam of percoche peaches


Description: Extra jam with chunks of fruit, easily spreadable and with a bright color. The delicate taste of percoca peach is balanced by a citrus note given by the lemon peel. To be enjoyed on bread, biscuits or rusks for breakfast, to fill sweets or pies, to garnish ice cream with vanilla or panna cotta, it is particularly suitable for flavoring white yogurt. Perfect for making cheesecakes. Try it in combination with creamy cheeses such as robiola or mascarpone.

Ingredients: peaches, sugar, lemon.

Conservation: keep in a cool place and away from light, take the product with utensils that are always well clean and dry, after use, close the jar and store in the refrigerator.

Produced and packaged by "Azienda Agricola Il Poggio del Picchio", Aiello del Sabato (AV) - Italy.


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Il Poggio del Picchio extra jams are born from the passion for our land, Irpinia . In fact, we have chosen to cultivate forgotten fruit trees for the protection of bio-diversity by privileging native species, because they are more resistant, so much so that we have earned the title of custodians of bio-diversity in the book of ancient Irpinia apples published by Campania region.

With fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables , grown following natural and sustainable farming methods , without any type of pesticides and systemic pesticides, following the rhythms of nature and harvested at the right degree of ripeness, over 100 references are produced in our laboratory.

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