Italy Eats Goood

Italian companies have centuries of history, which are transformed into knowledge, experience, bond with the territory, innovation and beauty.

The company

Fooodle is a marketplace dedicated exclusively to made in Italy food born at the end of 2019.

This project was born thanks to the idea, the enthusiasm and the desire to get involved, of a group of young people who have decided to bring together their different specific skills, acquired during the years of university studies, in a single common project that reflect what Italy has the best to offer.

Excellence and quality are the two pillars on which Fooodle stands. Our commitment to finding the best exclusively Italian companies is a guarantee of receiving at home, not only a made in Italy product of undisputed quality, but the entire traditional manufacturing process, the enhancement of raw materials and respect for times. , combined with the cultural context from which it comes.

Each product on Fooodle embodies a piece of Italian history, culture and tradition, factors that contribute to making it unique and differentiating it from all the others.

Business Idea

What is it that characterizes Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world?

Your own products! These are understood as a set of techniques, traditions, precision workmanship, attention to detail and a sense of taste. From all this, what is called the Italian lifestyle is born, appreciated and imitated all over the world.

In a similar scenario, therefore, made up of artisanal and quality products, linked to the territory and to the Italian tradition, the MISSION of Fooodle is to become the reference point for those people who love the Italian lifestyle through a marketplace of Italian products. of excellence.

"Dream" Team

Each of us has had the opportunity to bring together their skills  acquired over the years through the course of study gained, thus putting into practice all the teachings and giving life to "  - ​​The Italian Marketplace". 

Over time we have thus specialized in what is the care and promotion of typical products, helping our producers / suppliers to emerge not only through B2C channels (private sale) but also in HO.RE.CA and B2B channels. in general.

We have decided to invest in the world of typical Italian products and to become supporters of made in Italy and to do so we have decided in no uncertain terms to "put our face". Being supporters of healthy, Italian food and above all supporters of the greatest excellences among typical regional and Italian products, has prompted us every day to rigorously research and select the ones that are part of our project. This process has led us to a parsimonious study of all the typical Italian denominations and of the processes that lead to the identification of products considered as excellences of the Italian peninsula.

Fooodle is the result of our passion and desire not only to get involved, but to do so by helping to create small businesses that shine in the Italian and international scenery.

Fooodle... Italy eats goood

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