The parcel from down...

The parcel from down was born from that strong desire to bring true familiar flavors to those who, due to various constraints, had to go and live outside their country of origin: workers, off-site students, emigrant families or for all those who love and still they appreciate the flavors deriving from the warm lands of the south.

Fooodle offers a shipping service throughout Italy of typical products: pasta, wine, preserves, sauces, meats, cheeses, in oil and many other products.

Twine, cardboard, scissors and adhesive tape ... Arrives the parcel from down!

10 rules we follow for the parcel from down

1 - If it's not oily, send it back. Our packages are oily, they leak oil. The courier will curse you.

2 - Compact! Don't worry, it won't break, our packages are compact, have passed the worst crash tests.

3 - If scotch is transparent it is not ours! We strictly use brown scotch tape or twine.

4 - The parcel from below is not delivered but literally falls from the sky. It is not shipped normally but, divinely placed, without any postmark but with a real seal of the kingdom of the two Sicilies.

5 - Know this, the tomato bottles made like 1 month ago are not tomato bottles, they are only for washing on the ground. Our preserves have the UNESCO heritage stamp, they are a good of humanity!

6 - Written in pen, strictly BIC.

7 - Caciocavallo is fundamental, without it you can't hang the hanged man, you can't make the timbale, WITHOUT LIFE you can't make it.

8 - Cold cuts, cured meats, cold cuts. Let's not add anything else

9 - When you open it, you will hear your mom's voice calling you from the balcony: it's readyoooooo!

10 - The package from below does not require waiting. The parcel from below should be evoked, in the same way in which the greatest divinities are venerated, praying daily facing the pylon.

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