Christmas Box "Tuscan Castles"

Christmas Box "Tuscan Castles"



  • Tuscan Ragout 180g - "SALCIS"
  • Chianina ragout 180g - "SALCIS"
  • Pici Toscani 500g - "SALCIS"
  • Pappardelle 500g - "SALCIS"
  • Jam for meats and cheeses
  • Pecorino in straw 500g - "SALCIS"
  • Pecorino in wine 500g - "SALCIS"
  • Cinta Senese PDO salami 200g - "SALCIS"
  • Wild Boar Salamino 200g - "SALCIS"
  • Salamino al Chianti 200g - "SALCIS"
  • Tuscan Salamino 200g - "SALCIS"

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A strictly MADE IN ITALY basket

The line of Christmas Baskets designed by Fooodle is a tribute to typical Italian products.

Our Christmas baskets are the perfect Christmas gift for those who would like to make a sought-after gift to friends and relatives but also to their company team.

Meanwhile, the packaging is splendid, and already represents an added value: here, however, we still find ourselves at appearances. Once the basket is unwrapped, the real hidden gems finally emerge.

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