100% ITALIAN extra virgin olive oil -...

100% ITALIAN extra virgin olive oil - Monocultivar Peranzana 250ml


Short description: for lovers of delicate and sweet oil, our Monocultivar Peranzana is the right choice. Although it is characterized as a light / medium fruity oil, it has pleasant hints of white fruit, lettuce and toasted almond notes with light spicy notes at the end. Perfect for dressing seafood salads, boiled noble fish, steamed shellfish, salads, pasta and raw vegetables.

Storage: store in a cool and dry place, away from sources of light and heat.

Origin of olives: Barletta, Puglia, Italy.

Variety: 100% Peranzana.

Produced and packaged in: SP 231 - Km 55 + 120 Andria (BT) - Italy.


Wherever we take our oil, the story is always the same. The moment even one of his drops meets the palate, the taster begins to live that exceptional experience that we have so painstakingly and meticulously prepared for him. From the beginning. The family land, with the energy that runs through it; cultivation, done with love; the careful collection, processing, packaging. And when the juries of the most prestigious international awards in the world live this special sensory experience, all this translates into an official confirmation of its preciousness. From the United States to Japan, passing through China and Greece, Oilalà oil has won medals and prizes in every corner of the planet. For us it is the legitimacy of what we have been pursuing for three generations.


To preserve a precious commodity like our oil, the result of the commitment and passion of three generations of growers and producers, we certainly could not choose an ordinary and insignificant packaging. The shapes that contain it tell our story, they speak of the search for superior quality, of our love for beauty and goodness, of the skills acquired over years of active participation in the world of design. In deference to the Greek origin of grandfather Spiridione and of our family, we like to talk about kalokagathia, the ideal of perfection of classical Greece, a condition that ideally combines the beautiful with the good, one impossible without the other. This is why the glass bottles of the "Liquid Luxury - Life is beautiful" line, for example, pursue a timeless elegance, with our name finely screen printed to seal their uniqueness, reaffirmed by the limited production and limited availability. to the best Italian and international restaurants, as well as the most exclusive gourmet shops and the most demanding consumers.

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