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Wildflower honey


Brief description: Energy food composed of simple sugars, easily digestible, due to the great variety of vital substances contained in it, honey is particularly appreciated by those who want to move towards a diet based on natural foods rich in biologically active factors. Obtained from the nectar of different flowers, its color varies according to the collection area. It is very nutritious and has a detoxifying action. Indicated for inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Area of origin: Campania, Cilento National Park.

Harvest period: July, August.

Consistency: tendency to crystallize.

Color: dark amber.

Taste: decisive.

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The production takes place by taking the honey stored by the bees, in the cells of the honeycombs, where it is extracted by centrifugation, left to settle in special containers and returned to jars. These are the only processes that allow to keep the characteristics of the product intact to offer it exactly as the bees produced it. Honey is the most abundant product of the hive: bees produce it in large quantities, especially if they find a favorable season and abundant pasture. Honey is a sugary substance, with a viscous consistency, varying in color from light blond to amber, to more or less dark brown, depending on the flowers from which it comes; it is produced starting from the nectar of the flowers, reworked and regurgitated in the cells of the honeycomb, where it is stored.

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