Fettuccine Filotea



Product description: Typical pasta of the Italian culinary tradition, Filotea egg fettuccine are about 1 cm wide, bronze drawn and produced with an entirely artisanal process. The egg pastry is made with a mixture of soft wheat flour, durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs. Dried slowly and at a low temperature , Filotea Fettuccine are ash-free, light and easily digestible. With a cooking time reduced to just 4 minutes , Filotea Fettuccine are excellent to serve with both meat and fish sauces. Their surface is rough and porous, which is why they have an extraordinary ability to retain sauces (unlike smooth ones).

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, 00 flour, fresh eggs 30%.

Allergens: Eggs, gluten. It may contain traces of shellfish and soy.

Cooking time: 4 minutes.

Pack of gr. 250, recommended for 4 servings.

Filotea egg pasta is handcrafted with only Italian raw materials . Dried slowly and at low temperatures for at least 24 hours, the pasta is highly digestible and very rough , a quality that allows it to have a high capacity to hold any type of sauce. With Filotea you will not serve the usual plate of pasta, but a real delicacy capable of reminding you of home lunches with fresh pasta prepared by your grandmothers.

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