Crema spalmabile bianca alla nocciola - noccioro45 white Noccioro

White hazelnut spread - noccioro45 white


White spreadable cream with 45% hazelnuts.

Ingredients: Toasted hazelnuts (45%), sugar, skim milk powder, extra virgin olive oil.

Allergens: Milk and derived products (including lactose), nuts.

Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin.

Gluten free product.

Palm oil free product.

The product does not contain preservatives so the oil could rise to the surface.

Produced and packaged by: Az. Agr. Maietta, Avella (AV) Italy.


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It is the second born of our spreads, following the philosophy of "good, healthy, natural". The Noccioro 45 white spreadable cream has only 4 ingredients (hazelnut 45%, sugar, milk powder, extra virgin olive oil), has a small addition of extra virgin olive oil and those naturally present in hazelnuts, does not contain gluten, preservatives, additives and aromas.

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