Limoncello Liquorificio Ianniciello



Short description: Liqueur obtained from the research and use of ingredients and raw materials of the best quality and craftsmanship, to guarantee a final product of excellence.

Ingredients: alcohol, lemon peel, water, sugar.

Vol. Alc. 32%

Warnings: Shake before pouring. It is recommended to serve it chilled.

Recommended cocktail - Gianvita .

Cocktail ingredients:

3 cl of limoncello.

5 cl of Falanghina.

1 cl of green apple vodka.

1.5 cl of Campari bitters.

3 drops of Creole bitters.

Bottled by Ianniciello liqueur factory, Mirabella Eclano (AV) - ITALY.

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The Ianniciello liqueur factory is a company specialized in the production of liqueurs. The company has always favored an artisanal production that reproduces the flavors and genuineness of home-made liquors. Over the years, without ever losing sight of the ancient objectives and artisan characteristics of the production, the company has undergone profound structural and production changes. The introduction of new machinery and innovative processing techniques have made it possible to reach ever higher quality standards and to satisfy the demands of an increasingly demanding market.

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