Stile - rosato frizzante Regina Viarum

Style - sparkling rosé


Short description: sparkling rosé wine from Primitivo grapes. Unfiltered and unfocused, veiled and not perfectly clear, fresh, aromatic and fruity. Excellent as an aperitif.

Pairings: pizzas, fresh cheeses, fish and cold cuts.

Grapes: Primitivo 100%.

Serving temperature: it is recommended to serve at a temperature of 8/10 °.

Alcoholic content: 12% vol.

Produced and bottled by REGINA VIARUM wineries

Falciano del Massico (CE), Campania - ITALY.

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The name "REGINA VIARUM" is inspired by the ancient artery "Via Appia" that connected ROME to the conquered territories of Southern Italy, this consular road then crossed the Ager Falernus, where the Romans undoubtedly obtained the most celebrated wine of antiquity , the most prized, the "wine of the Emperors", the "FALERNO". This area located on the slopes of Mount Massico, between the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina and the Litorale Domitio, a territory suspended between myth and reality, rich in vineyards and grapes full of extraordinary organoleptic components. Here in the “Barone” locality the vineyards and the Historic Cellar of REGINA VIARUM take shape, where the extraordinary position and constant sunshine give life to a unique terroir.

REGINA VIARUM, produces and markets its own wines typical of the area, taking care to the utmost in the selection, sorting and vinification of only healthy and ripe grapes, producing to date four labels, two Falerno del Massico PDO Primitivo, "Barone" and "Zer05 ", A Rosé Roccamonfina PGI" Petali "and a Red Wine" Carisma "always rigorously based on Primitivo grapes. Pride, passion, local culture and tradition come together in REGINA VIARUM and represent its long history.

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